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Could you try a pic of the Shadows That Live? I love your style of art!

I’ve thought about it. They look really cool in my head. But I don’t have time for much art atm, and what I do draw is for my own sanity. haha /cries 

And thank-you!

Liraz had heard it said that there was only one emotion which, in recollection, was capable of resurrecting the full immediacy and power of the original—one emotion that time could never fade, and that would drag you back any number of years into the pure, undiluted feeling, as if you were living it anew. It wasn’t love—not that she had any experience of that one—and it wasn’t hate, or anger, or happiness, or even grief. Memories of those were but echoes of the true feeling.
      It was shame. —Dreams of Gods and Monsters // Laini Taylor (via apleasureto-burn)


I’m reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone and there’s this really cute part where our female lead is supposed to be dancing down this road to a masquerade ball (she’s got a bird mask, I imagine it to look like a Victorian Doctor’s mask) and no one will dance with her, for other complex reasons. 

This other really chill guy comes up to her, though, and is dancing with her. She thinks she knows him, but can’t be sure. She mentions he’s wearing a horse mask, and it supposed to be mysterious and stuff, but now all I see is




Brane theory of multiple dimensions

Love It♥



Fan art Friday? Drawn by me. This is Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. It is truly amazing book. I’m still not completely done with the first book. I’m hooked on the series…I hope i do her beauty justice.   

Laini Taylor on 'Dreams of Gods & Monsters' and more [Video]

Laini Taylor’s “Dreams of Gods & Monsters,” the conclusion of the “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” trilogy, was published just four days before the start of the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. At the festival, she sat down with Times features editor Alice Short to talk about the novel and beginning the series when she was supposed to be writing something else.

Check out this cool video of Laini, guys!

We haven’t been introduced.”
“You know who I am, and I know who you are, and—”
“—that won’t serve. —the unexpected ship (via anabelsbrother)
I like it.”
“I like it. You, I mean.”
“Good. I like you, too. —the unexpected ship (via anabelsbrother)